Friday, March 30, 2012

Fealing Healthy: Small Meals

Hey guys!  So I had to switch to a new diet recently.  It's not much of a diet though, it's more about portions and timing.  I've had issues with low blood sugar lately, so we decided it would be better for me to have small meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger meals.  You don't have to deal with low blood sugar to do this though, in fact it's better than eating 3 bigger meals throughout the day.

  • Not all meals should be the same amount of calories.  You can have 200, 150, 300, 200, 350 calories for each of the small meals. (Just an example)
  • You should choose a time to eat each meal.  I try to have mine 3 hours apart. 
  • Try to keep everything balanced.
  • Don't overdo the portions.
  • Choose healthy foods.
  • Plan ahead! This is probably my most important tip.  If you don't plan ahead you're more prone to eat more.
Meal 1: 2 large eggs, scrambled (140 calories)
Meal 2: A medium apple (60 calories) with peanut butter (250 calories) and a cup of blueberries (80)
Meal 3: Wrap sandwich with turkey and cabbage (170 calories)
              Cheese stick (80 calories)
Meal 4: 1 serving of pretzels (100 calories)
Meal 5: Cucumber with ranch dressing (80 calories together) and 1 serving of chicken (180 calories)

Total calories: 1180

That's about the right amount of calories for someone looking to lose weight.  You also had a completely healthy day with little to none processed food.

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Mary Kapsi said...

Looks so yummy!


Char! said...

great advice x

jo said...

Hi Claire, Thanks for the advice. I tend to eat bigger meals rather than smaller ones.

xo Jo